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Search engine marketing (SEM) uses paid search ads to get more web traffic through desktop or mobile web search. The term once referred to both paid ads and SEO, but has since shifted to focus only on paid options in SSS DIGITAL MARKETING SERVICES IN HYDERABAD.

Search Engine Marketing isn’t a substitute for other promotional activities, especially considering people ignore search ads most of the time. However, a competitive cost per acquisition makes paid search a valuable way to attract new customers, boost search engine presence, and support other marketing campaigns.

In SSS DIGITAL MARKETING SERVICES IN HYDERABAD Search Engine Marketing is similar to SEO but it is paid ad service where we have to pay to publisher/ media (ex: Google Adwords) to get visibility for your advertisement instantly & its advantage over SEO is that, generally SEO takes time to rank on the first page but Paid Search Marketing will rank instantly i.e immediate next day when once your ads are placed. You will be charged only if someone clicks your ads and if no one clicks your ads then you will not be charged.

While advertising typically lets you pay for placement you decide where people see it SEM is a more fluid process. It generally uses pay-per-click (PPC) also called cost-per-click (CPC) which is a process that uses an auction and ranking system to determine which ads appear in which order.

With PPC advertising, ad placement is determined by two things: the maximum an advertiser bids for search queries, and their Quality Score i.e., the relevance of the ad, keywords, and landing page content.

Search engine in SSS DIGITAL MARKETING SERVICES IN HYDERABAD aim to deliver exactly what a searcher is looking for creating such a well-targeted SEM campaign depends on:

Understanding the specific target audience.

Setting specific goals for the campaign.

Choosing the right keywords to target.

Organizing those keywords into focused campaigns and ad groups.

Driving traffic to a landing page that delivers the right information and is optimized to convert.

Managing an SEM campaign requires constant monitoring, testing, tweaking, optimization, and learning. The process is similar whether you choose to advertise with Google or Bing which also drives search advertising for Yahoo.

Search Engine Marketing vs. Search Engine Optimization:

Generally, "search engine marketing" refers to paid search marketing, a system where businesses pay Google to show their ads in the search results.

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is different because businesses don't pay Google for traffic and clicks; rather, they earn a free spot in in the search results by having the most relevant content for a given keyword search.

Both SEO and SEM should be fundamental parts of your online marketing strategy. SEO is a powerful way to drive evergreen traffic at the top of the funnel, while search engine advertisements are a highly cost-effective way to drive conversions at the bottom of the funnel.

Why search engine marketing:

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) involves implementing an online marketing strategy in terms of your website's brand identity, in order to ensure that your website is visible on the internet especially in terms of SEO, PPC and other forms of internet marketing such as banner ad campaigns. Search Engine Marketing also involves managing your online reputation and a host of other online marketing initiatives. Essentially Search Engine Marketing equals online visibility for your brand in SSS DIGITAL MARKETING SERVICES IN HYDERABAD.

Transparency: In today's environment where dollars are tight, every dollar spent on advertising matters more than ever. Everything with paid search can be measured based on conversions (e.g. lead gen, sale) down to the ad and keyword levels so that you know exactly what's working and what's not performing.

Geotargeting: Whether you want to reach potential clients in your own backyard or halfway across the world, you can target searchers down to their city level location. Choose to target a radius around a zip code, metro area, state, country, or add in regions of interest.

Control: The levels of control over paid search with platforms like Google AdWords and Bing Ads are truly astonishing, giving you control over: What keyword searches trigger your ad Physical location of the searcher (geo targeting mentioned above) Time of day Day of week / season Device type (e.g. computer vs. phone – and which type of phone) Network (e.g. Google only or its Search or Display Networks)

Pay Per Action: Paid search is commonly referred to as pay per click (PPC) advertising because the most common form of ad buy with paid search is that you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. We like to refer to traffic from paid search as "doubly targeted" because the person has to type in something related to what you sell, and look at all the information on the screen before deciding to click on your ad because she or he expects it to provide the information she or he seeks.

Free Exposure: The corollary of only paying when someone clicks on your ad in the pay per click model is that you get all the additional views of your ad and company name for free. This is just one reason that makes paid search particularly valuable for branding campaigns.

It Works: For all the reasons listed above and more, the single most important benefit of paid search engine marketing is just that it works. That's why U.S. advertisers spend more than $12 billion per year on paid search, including top advertisers spending more than $8 million per month on Google AdWords alone.

Search engine marketing (SEM) in SSS DIGITAL MARKETING SERVICES IN HYDERABAD is one of the most cost efficient ways to reach your target audience when they are ready to buy.

Research shows that 90 percent of online searches are conducted by people who are at the end of the buying cycle.

Done properly, SEM will get your ads in front of your target audience with content that is highly relevant to them, all for free until they click on your ad.

With SEM, your ad is placed on the sponsored section of a search engine’s result page. It is ranked based on how much you pay for keywords (the more popular a keyword, the more expensive it is) and a ‘quality score’ of how relevant your ad is in relation to others.

Using both SEM and SEO will not only increase the visibility of your ads but increase website traffic too. This also increases your chance to convert prospects into leads, especially when both your paid ads and site come up on top of any search engine results.









MEASURE SUCCESS SEM (search engine marketing) involves things such as search engine optimization (SEO), Keyword Research, Competitive Analysis, Pay per Click (PPC), paid listings and other Search Engine Services that will increase search traffic to your site.

Pay per Click (PPC), or paid search marketing is the quickest and most controllable way to get your website to the top of the search results when people are looking for your type of business, and because you pay per click, it is easy to control the budget and return on investment for your campaign.

By this example you get to hoe search engine marketing works in SSS DIGITAL MARKETING SERVICES

Example: If you run a dog daycare center in Bangalore or Mangalore then you could add the keyword "doggie daycare," and "Bangalore and nearby cities," as the target location for your AdWords campaign. Then, when people in Bangalore type "doggie daycare" on Google, they could see your ad next to the search results.

This is how simple the search engine marketing works in SSS DIGITAL MARKETING SERVICES IN HYDERABAD